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Year 2022

So we are coming up on our 5th year of being a company. We started back in 2017 and to make it half a decade means we are doing something right. We have had the best reception from our customers in Tupelo and also from other states. I love to see new faces when I am in the shops, it means our story and our passion is still spreading. It's hard to believe that we have only had a store front in the middle of pandemic, and have yet to see what it would be like with everything "normal".

Our 2022 is starting to look incredible. Our 3rd location is in the building process now and should be done around summer or first of fall. This will be a great addition to our current stores as we will service an area that is growing so fast. Before that happens, tomorrow, February 1st, our coffee will be featured in every room of the newest hotel in Tupelo, Hotel Tupelo. We will also be sharing our coffee with every guest of the awesome restaurant located in the bottom of the hotel, Jobos. The surf and turf restaurant is a definite hot spot for great food and drinks. Not to mention the awesome brunch happening on the weekends. We can not wait to see the incredible menu chef Mitch has put together.

With all of these new exciting things happening this year, we are still looking to grow and expand and become the best coffee company we can. Our roastery is looking to expand its reach into surrounding cities, but also grow internally with an awesome team. Our recent hires, have been some of our best and have created a culture that is 2nd to none. Everyone continues to strive for the best quality coffee served daily, and to connect with every guest that walks through our doors. As a team, we hope to serve you any way we can, and also deliver the best coffee in town.

So be on the look out in the next coming months for the spot of our next location, and check out the hottest hotel and restaurant, and maybe sip a cup of some local coffee for dessert.

Until next time,


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