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My daughter loves to share new knowledge with me everyday, and she always starts with the phrase, "Daddy, did you know...." It's a great phrase and is always followed up with something interesting. Even if it is something I already knew, its great to hear of new things that she continues to discover. Kids are always a ball of fun and come up with things you would never expect.

Now to the point of this whole post. Did you know....all of the different services that we provide at Tupelo River? Some people visit our shop and think we are only a coffee shop, while others purchase our bags and think we just roast coffee. The interesting thing is that isn't all we offer! Yes we have a shop and roast our own coffee, but we also provide that coffee in many different forms because we believe that you should great coffee all the time no matter the location or event. With that in mind I will tell you all the different ways we provide great coffee.

When we first started we brought our coffee to different events with our small coffee cart. Bringing our coffee cart to you directly whether at a festival, conference, wedding, or a holiday event was the direct factor for starting this company. We want to bring great coffee to every occasion. Since we roast all of the coffee we serve, we have expanded the ways we package that coffee and therefore deliver it to you. What do I mean by that? Well how about some examples. You work in a large office with many different departments and have weekly morning meetings. Wouldn't it be nice that every Monday morning meeting you could have cup or two of great coffee freshly brewed in your office to get through the Monday drags? We have you covered with small bags of fresh coffee measured specifically for you coffee brew to give the best cup every time! With our boxes you can have enough bags to last a month or a week depending on the size of your office. Here is another example. You have a small office that doesn't own a coffee pot, but has a quick brew Keurig machine. This past year we purchased a new machine that allows us to take our fresh roasted coffee and grind it and package in individual K-Cups for any Keurig machine on the market. We sell these in 12 Pod boxes if you want a couple different roast options. Individual cups or whole pots, we have you covered with hot coffee. But wait....there's more! A few months back we canned our Cold Brew. That means if you are cold coffee drinker, you are only a fridge away from enjoying Tupelo River. Either as a 6 pack or in bulk, you could have a never ending supply of TRC Cold Brew Coffee.

So there you have it, TRC can meet any of your coffee needs. Cold coffee, hot coffee, single serve, bulk brew, we have you covered and want to share our passion with you every day. If you are gonna drink coffee everyday then why not make it great coffee.

If you want to know how you can get great coffee in your office everyday or want to make your next event even more special, fill out the contact form in the footer of our website or email us at and we will get you setup!

Did you know....great coffee just tastes better?


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