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Monthly Thoughts....

Seems like I have written a blog the last two months so it seems like a good to write another post. This one might be a little different than the others. Little more rambling I would say. We continue to grow and try to bring more things to Tupelo and better coffee along the way. Tupelo seems to become fairly "Saturated" with coffee these days and it makes you stop and think about what you are doing. Is Tupelo big enough for this many coffee places and what does it do to the small guys? There is supposedly a Dunkin Donuts coming and another coffee shop from Chattanooga coming this year. What will that do to us? Who knows. We will have to keep adapting. Almost all shops now have a drive thru and that is what sustains them. Is profit better than concept? Who goes and just sits in a coffee shop anymore? I hope a lot of people. We can't lose that connection. It is a must for our society and community to survive. We have to congregate and enjoy our time together. Don't miss out on that.


Why drink coffee? Caffeine? Fellowship? Sweetness? Cause it's cool?

All of the above?

Why do we sell coffee? I went back to some of my first journal entries on why we were starting TRC and what my thoughts were. I hated coffee. Everything from the smell down to the color and taste. But I never had good coffee. So from reading some of my first ramblings I said that I didn't really have a passion for what I was doing on the coffee side and hoped I was smart enough to figure it out. Fast forward to today and I have at least 2 cups of coffee a day and will spend 24 hours working on my businesses without a second thought if I have to. I love it. I definitely would say that I am TRC or anything like that, but I do enjoy the process of what we have created. There are so many different avenues and ways that I can share and create with the community that it keeps me going everyday. I get to share that with our team and hopefully bring value to their lives, by giving them a living, but also sharing knowledge and the opportunity to build something new in a small town in Mississippi. Never know, one day we might take our talents outside the state and explore other places as well.

Well that is it for my 3 readers for the night. Didn't really wrap this up into anything, but it was pretty ramlblingesque. I guess the point of this post is give you some of my thoughts on coffee and that we are going to keep pushing and growing and hope you all, all 3 of you, are along for the ride!


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